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The last time you moved, how did everything go? If you are like most people, there might have been a few things you wish you could go back and change. It isn't always easy to completely streamline something as large scale as moving, but with the right focus, you can make things a lot easier. I wanted to make things better in my own life when I found out I was moving, so I started doing some research. I learned so much that I decided to create a blog all about creating a stronger workflow during a relocation situation. I hope you enjoy it!


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Renting A Semi-Trailer: Spring Ride Or Air Ride?

All semi-trailers are not the same, and therefore, not every trailer will work for every need. When renting a trailer for your semi, you need to make a decision between a spring ride trailer and an air ride trailer. If you are uncertain which option will best meet your needs, learn about some of the differences between these options to decide which is best.

Long-Haul Comfort

For a long, over-the-road route, it's a good idea to invest in the rental of an air ride trailer. While on the road, it's normal for a spring trailer to vibrate. Much of the vibration can transmit into the cab and make the ride uncomfortable, and if the vibration is intense, painful. The vibrations caused by a spring ride trailer is also often loud, which is equally uncomfortable. Air ride trailers have specialized suspension systems that aim to keep the vibrations to a minimum to provide for a better ride. 


The overall budget for the transport is also a factor you should consider to determine which type of trailer is best suited for the job. Typically, spring ride trailers come at a lower cost than an air ride trailer, due to the difference in comfort and noise protection. However, although spring ride trailers are generally cheaper, the size of the semi-trailer and the length of the rental are also factors used to determine the cost of a trailer rental. Gather all the specifics about your rental to determine which option will best fit in your budget. 

Ease of Loading and Unloading

With a spring ride trailer, the process of loading and unloading the trailer is much easier. The brakes in a spring ride trailer are already set, and as a result, the driver of the semi is not required to get out and set the brakes, which takes time and can even be dangerous. If the dock is one with limited space or there is a need for faster unloading and loading practices, a spring ride trailer is a better option.  

Fragile Loads

No matter the client, it's essential you deliver their load in the same shape that you picked it up in. When the load is an especially fragile one, you always want to go with an air ride trailer if you plan to deliver on this promise. As mentioned earlier, the suspension in an air ride trailer is designed to stabilize the trailer as it makes its way over the road. As a result of the smoother ride, the contents inside the load don't move around as much and are therefore better protected. 

If you still need assistance determining which semi-trailer option is best equipped to meet your needs, contact a rental company like New Way Leasing Inc. for further help.