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The last time you moved, how did everything go? If you are like most people, there might have been a few things you wish you could go back and change. It isn't always easy to completely streamline something as large scale as moving, but with the right focus, you can make things a lot easier. I wanted to make things better in my own life when I found out I was moving, so I started doing some research. I learned so much that I decided to create a blog all about creating a stronger workflow during a relocation situation. I hope you enjoy it!


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5 Steps To Prepare For Your Residential Moving Day

Residential moving might prove a frantic process if unprepared. If you're underprepared, it could cause you palpable stress, not to mention cost you extra time and money. Here are some tips you should consider when preparing for your residential moving day.

1. Make a Checklist

Undertake this step as early as possible. A residential moving checklist helps you stay on track and stay calm. You don't have to remember everything, but note down all the tasks you need to accomplish.

The first task on your checklist should be making the inventory of your household. This provision helps you keep track of your items throughout the residential moving process. Next, you can estimate the cost of the move by requesting a quote from your residential moving company.

2. Get Help From Residential Moving Services Providers

Residential moving can prove an uphill task if you have a big household. Seek and accept help from friends and family or hire a residential moving services provider. If you're asking for your friends or family's help, reach them early to fit you into your plans. You're not entitled to their help.

Before movers arrive, clear the walkways and prepare sufficient parking space for the residential moving trucks. Then, consult with them to know what else you can do to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

3. Make Arrangements for Your Children and Pets

You should cater to the safety and well-being of your children, pets, and house plants during residential moving. You can keep your children away from the hectic moving activities by having them stay with friends or family. You may also hire a babysitter for them. In addition, this move gives you an easier time addressing issues that your residential moving services provider has.

4. Organize your Items

Your organization is a key preparation tip when you're moving. Place your items in securely closed and well-labeled boxes. This move helps your residential mover know the best way to pack the truck. For example, if you have children, the movers will pack their items last so they're unpacked first since you might need them urgently.

5. Give out or Get Rid of the Items You Don't Want

Consult the residential moving company to ensure the items you aren't allowed to pack. For example, plants could prove difficult to transport. Give them to your neighbors, friends, and family. You can also donate your remaining food to those who need it. Packing makes you realize just how much trash you have.

Make sure to get rid of all trash and dangerous items. You can also prevent hoarding by getting rid of items you no longer use during your residential move.


Following the steps above makes residential moving less stressful and saves you money and time. Also, ensure to use a reputable residential moving services provider.