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The last time you moved, how did everything go? If you are like most people, there might have been a few things you wish you could go back and change. It isn't always easy to completely streamline something as large scale as moving, but with the right focus, you can make things a lot easier. I wanted to make things better in my own life when I found out I was moving, so I started doing some research. I learned so much that I decided to create a blog all about creating a stronger workflow during a relocation situation. I hope you enjoy it!


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3 Really Good Reasons To Hire Professional Movers

Maybe you just got an amazing job offer, or you're packing up to be closer to someone you love. Maybe you're just a gypsy and need a new place to call home for a bit, but whatever your reason for moving, you've probably got an overwhelming mixture of excitement and anxiety bubbling in your belly. Fortunately, there's one simple move you can make to help maximize the excitement and minimize the anxiety; hire a moving company. Here are 3 excellent reasons why you should.

1. Moving is one of life's most stressful events.

Psychologists have worked hard to determine what life events cause the most stress, and it will come as no surprise that moving is high on the list. To make things worse, moving is usually coupled with at least one event higher on the list. For example, moving house might be number 28, but you're probably moving due to another life event like a major change in work responsibilities (number 22), retirement (number 10), or even the death of a spouse (number 1). You're probably not moving just for fun, and even if you are, don't you deserve some support for such an upheaval? 

2. You probably don't have enough experience packing.

Packing up your house is tough. What do you pack first, and what do you leave out until the last minute? What's the best way to wrap your grandmother's china to prevent it from breaking? How do you keep your computer and TV screens from getting scratched? A professional moving company will have the experience and the supplies you need to do an expert job at packing up your life and all the precious things in it. Then when it comes time to fill the truck, you'll have professional help in loading up the heavy things in a way that will prevent your belongings from shifting and pulverizing each other, which is a common mistake. Hiring a professional also means that your belongings might be covered in case of damage, especially if your moving company offers additional insurance coverage. It doesn't hurt to ask!

3. Your family and friends will be thrilled.

If you don't hire a moving company, it's unlikely you're going to be moving your whole life all by your lonesome. You're going to hit up that friend with the truck, and rely heavily on those people closest to you to help you move heavy things. Sure, you'll offer to pay them in pizza and they'll reluctantly agree out of a sense of obligation, but no one wants to spend their weekend helping you move, and it's not going to be a fun task. You'll disagree on how best to get the couch out the door and on whether or not the fridge doors need to come off, and you'll have words. Next thing you know you will owe everyone a round of drinks too, not just the pizza, and a profound apology for getting them in this mess to begin with. In choosing to hire a moving company, you'll not only be helping yourself out and protect your belongings, but you'll be preserving your friendships and avoiding awkward Thanksgivings for years to come.

Moving is hard. It's unpleasant, and though the rewards can be awesome, it's not something which most people look forward to. It's time to consider all your options and make the right decision. Hiring a professional company is going to pay dividends through this process and make your life so much easier. Don't wait until you're knee deep in the ruins of your bookshelf; call and get a moving quote today.