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The last time you moved, how did everything go? If you are like most people, there might have been a few things you wish you could go back and change. It isn't always easy to completely streamline something as large scale as moving, but with the right focus, you can make things a lot easier. I wanted to make things better in my own life when I found out I was moving, so I started doing some research. I learned so much that I decided to create a blog all about creating a stronger workflow during a relocation situation. I hope you enjoy it!


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Job Relocation Got You Moving In The Winter? 4 Simple Tips That Will Help You Avoid Problems

If you're going to be moving during the winter, you'll need to take a additional steps when making your plans. It's one thing to move when the weather is nice. However, when moving during the winter, you need to accommodate for the fact that the weather doesn't always cooperate. Here are four important steps you should take when planning a move during the winter.

Hire a Moving Company

If there's a possibility that you'll be dealing with snow during your move, the first thing you need to do is hire a moving company. The last thing you want to be doing during a snow storm is loading up your moving van. Not to mention the fact that you'll also need to drive the moving van in the snow. That might not be so bad, if you're only moving across town. However, if you're moving across the state, or across the country in the snow, you're going to need a moving company to take care of the driving for you.

Have Plenty of Sand and Shovels on Hand

If you're going to be moving in the snow and ice, you're going to need to have plenty of sand and shovels on hand. Clearing the snow from your driveway and walkways, and then coating them with sand, will help prevent slip and fall accidents during your move. You want to use sand on your driveway and walkways because it's easier to clean up. All you'll need to do is vacuum your rugs to get rid of the sand. Not only that, but sand is safer for the environment.

Keep Your Winter Gear Readily Available

In your haste to get things packed up and ready to go, you may start packing things that need to stay out until you get to your new place. This is particularly true when it comes to your winter gear. It might not be snowing when you start packing, but that doesn't mean the snow will stay away throughout the process. To avoid problems, and keep yourself warm while you're moving, leave your winter gear out, and readily available.

Create a Contingency Plan

You never know when the weather is going to change dramatically, overnight. When you're planning a winter move, it's important that you create contingency plans. The best way to avoid a disaster is to give yourself enough time to accommodate for potential weather changes. If you know you need to be in your new home by a specific date, schedule your move a few days earlier than you need to. That way, if a storm does roll through, and you need to postpone, you'll still have a few days to play with.

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